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Polk Street Happenings

by Jasmine Tan |  | 1 comment

So happy to report about two new exciting developments taking place along our Polk Street corridor. Both good news for foodies.

Craftsman and Wolves, the Mission neighborhood avant garde patisserie, will be opening a Russian Hill outpost in our neck of the woods. Looks like our mornings are about to get better. Hopefully their pastry selections will remain the same, or better yet, expand! Looking forward to the melty, yolky, goodness of The Rebel Within: their savory asiago, sausage, green onion "cake" engulfing a soft cooked egg surprise within. Opening on the website says it's slated for Spring 2015, but staff there say that an October opening is more likely.


Photo Credit: Craftsman and Wolves website


Another reason to shout Hooray! Gone is our old Big Apple on Polk and Clay and replacing it will be the sexy food emporium, aptly named The Market. While Big Apple may be our old, sweet, doddery uncle with sweets and lint in his pocket, The Market will be like our snazzy cousin with an 126GB iPhone 6 plus in his pocket. We may love both but have to admit, both are very different. According to SFEater, the SF Planning Commission has already approved the project and plans are already underway to have doors open in Fall 2015. Here are a few things to get excited about. Did anyone say Japanese Tapas Bar? How about a rooftop garden? Things to bring? We highly suggest a SF tote. In fact, go full on and upsize. Bring a SF Market Tote instead. Both available on our online store.

Comments (1)

  • Madeleine on June 10, 2015

    Latest word: The Market won’t open ’til well into 2016.

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