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Work From Home Essentials

by Jasmine Tan |

As we get used to this new normal of social distancing and staying indoors, we thought we'd put together a list of items that can make your isolation game stronger.

Here are just a few things to help us get through the day.


One Candles

Scented candles help you enjoy your space. They soothe and relax, and scents can enhance your emotional health.

Two Plants

Plants bring life to a room and beautify your space. And taking care of plants may reduce anxiety and bring about calm. Caring for a plant baby might just be what's needed.

Three Self Care

Self care is essential for your well being and staying positive. This simple but often overlooked ritual can help bring on the endorphins. All it takes are little daily reminders to be good to yourself.

Four Cooking

Take this time to nourish yourself. Make these quotidian tasks something fun to look forward to. Follow a recipe to a T, or veer off course. But just have fun. Cook to satisfy and savor, above sustenance. And try virtual dinner parties with friends to stay connected and show off what you've made.

Five Slow Down

Take the time to disconnect from the news and social media and just center yourself and live in the moment. A relaxing cup of tea or coffee and you alone with your thoughts. Or better yet, you alone filtering out all thoughts.

Here's hoping we all come together by staying apart and looking forward to seeing your lovely faces soon.







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