Picnic Insider Reward Program

Love You Right Back! That’s right! 

Thank you for being a loyal customer at Picnic. Thank you for making us your go- to store for gifts for friends, family and best of all, yourself. We’re rolling out a “Love You For Loving Us” rewards program, this way, you get to earn points for every dollar you spent and we get to show our love by rewarding you! Want to find out more? Read on!

Picnic Insider Rewards Program

Customers enrolled in the rewards program will earn 1 point for every dollar spent and for every 500 points earned, they will receive a $25 thank you gift certificate to spend at Picnic. Customers need to opt in to the rewards program to begin accumulating points. 

Earning Points

There is no time limit for earning points, upon reaching 500 points, customers will earn a $25 Picnic gift certificate in 14 days. Returns will be deducted from their points total. For exchanges for a higher value, the difference will be added to their accumulated points. For exchanges for a lesser value, the difference will be deducted from their accumulated points.  Past purchases prior to enrolling in the rewards program will not be eligible. 

Gift Certificate Use

Gift Certificate can only be used at Picnic and is valid for a one time use only. Balances cannot be carried forward. If the value of purchase is less than the gift certificate, there will be no refunds. The value of your gift certificate will not be returned if you make a return. Exchanges for something of equal or greater value is possible and customer will be responsible for the difference. Exchanges for something of lesser value will result in the difference being forfeited. Gift Certificates are not transferable. Gift Certificates expire 45 days after issue.

Program Use and Termination or Modification

You may chose to opt out of this program at any time of your choosing. Kindly inform us either via email, phone or in- store. In all matters relating to the administration of the Picnic Rewards Program,  the decision made shall be final. Picnic reserves the right to cancel, revoke or amend the program without limitation due to reasonable business circumstances beyond our control or as required by applicable law. In addition, Picnic reserves the right to terminate membership in the Rewards program, and void any point accumulated, if the customer, in Picnic’s sole discretion, violates any of the terms and conditions or any applicable law, earn points via deception, forgery, fraud, or commit any abuse of the Picnic Reward Program.