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Global Pantry Cookbook

$ 35.00

Ann and Scott spent more than two years researching, tasting, and comparing Global Pantry ingredients. Then came the fun part: adapting these flavor superstars to a huge range of delicious recipes. Some are their versions of traditional classics like Indonesian satay, Italian Genovese sauce, or Southern hush puppies. Most are delightful, streamlined updates that use Global Pantry flavors and shortcuts to honor and elevate great dishes like pimento cheese (made zingy with kimchi), cabbage rolls (spiced up with chili crisp), and ravioli with tomato sauce (topped with crispy capers and fried-caper oil).

There’s lots of fun to be had: fruity-winey berry cupcakes made with freeze-dried strawberries and rosé; throwback baked brie with a spicy honey upgrade; and Global Pantry toppings for a hot dog party. And there’s lots of comfort food and weeknight cooking: a luscious chuck roast boosted by oyster-sauce umami; a chicken-rice casserole with butter-chicken curry flavors; and sloppy joes taken to an entirely new level with spicy gochujang.

  • More than 120 big-flavor, delicious recipes for weeknight and weekend cooking.
  • A 20-page guide to more than the best global pantry short-cut flavor boosters: where to buy, how to use, how to store.
  • Clear step-by-step recipes by Ann Taylor Pittman and Scott Mowbray—two James Beard Award-winning cookbook authors.
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages