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The Little Book Of Gin Cocktails

$ 9.99


A little collection of classic and contemporary gin cocktails. Go beyond the Gin & Tonic with over 55 classic and contemporary gin cocktail recipes.

Learn your way around making gin-based martinis, from the perfect Classic Martini to cap off a great evening to drinks that are perfect for kicking off a boozy brunch, like the Espresso Gin-tini and the Breakfast Martini (complete with toast to garnish!)

Master well-known staples like the Gin Rickey, the Negroni and the Tom Collins and then take a walk on the wild side with contemporary twists on gin's biggest hits like the Mango Rickey, the Lychee Negroni, and the Camomile Collins.

Discover your new favorite gin-based drink along with tips and tricks for making it, right down to the type of glass it is traditionally served in (though we won't judge you if you get creative). his pocket-sized guide to gin recipes for every occasion is the perfect gift for any gin-lover in your life.

  • 95 pages