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Wrought Iron Seafood & Shellfish Print

$ 34.00
  • 13"x 19" foil pressed with Gold, White & Navy Blue foil
  • Wrought Iron paper by Neenah Environment - Premium Recycled Papers
  • The Seasonal Seafood & Shellfish poster features a monthly list of species of fish and shellfish commercially available each month in the US Pacific Waters.
  • The seasonality of seafood listed is based on the legal Commercial fishing seasons.
  • The data was collected and vetted with the generous help of the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program.  
  • Together we aim to promote fish species that are both sustainably harvested, (not depleted, not endangered, controlled & regulated methods of catch / sustainable farming) and diverse. When you purchase seafood in season it is more likely to be caught by your local fisherman, fresher, and responsibly harvested.